Need to send an item, but don't know where to start?
Don't sweat it friend! We're here to help!
Your package is important to us, and we get a real kick out of seeing a delivery completed as quickly and as safely as possible. In order to do so, we greatly recommend taking a bit more time and care to package your item appropriately.

What do I use?

We generally recommend using recycled packaging or boxes that you may already have lying around, as long as it is strong and sturdy enough to be stackable while still protecting the goods inside. If you are re-using branded packaging, please remove any old stickers or labels to ensure it doesn't clash with the carrier that you have selected for your current booking. i.e re-using an Auspost box for Toll delivery.

If the carton contains packaging made of glass, plastic or any other fragile materials, we highly recommend wrapping these items individually with bubble wrap, and filling the remaining space with packing nuts, newspaper, or other soft materials to absorb the shock. This will ensure that items are less likely to crash into each other whilst the package is in transit.

You can then put the finishing touches on your package by make sure all tape is securely applied (no loose ends!), and the label is clearly affixed to the top of the box, with nothing covering the barcode.

Declaring Your Dimensions

Please keep the following size constraints in mind. Venturing outside these limits can incur manual handling fees and other additional surcharges. These often vary depending on the carrier, but we have found the below specs to be standard.

We highly recommend over-declaring your parcels by 3-5cm on each dimension, and allowing a 5% buffer on the weight. This will have little to no impact on the pricing generated for you, but could potentially save you from some nasty additional surcharges!

For further details on which the size constraints of each carrier, click the links below

Manual Handling Charges

All carriers may charge further fees if your package requires additional labour to process it while in transit. This is usually based on the size and weight of the package, as well as other conditions. Please see below for additional points on what may incur a manual handling charge.

  • Items packaged in plastic, tote, jiffy bag, bubble wrap, envelopes and other non-rigid packaging that is not stackable.
  • Irregularly shaped items i.e, items that are not cartonised or in satchel.
  • Items packed in a drum, tube, cylinder or wooden crate
  • Freight containing liquids, nails, magnets, or glass
  • Sandbags
  • Suitcases and eskies or similar
  • Cartons with strapping
  • Glass items
  • Nuts or bolts packed loose in satchels
  • Loose items or tools not packaged in a carton
  • Plastic containers
  • Freight that may damage or cause delay to other consignments.

Just some extra tips...
  • Double boxing is better than wrapping the outside of your carton! Wrapping your cartons with plastic or bubble wrap while likely incur manual handling charges.
  • Take a photo of your parcel and keep a clear record of what you're sending. Our carriers do an excellent job of delivering your parcels reliably, but accidents can happen. We'll chase these matters for you, and the more details we have, the better!

Still have questions?

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