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Frequently Asked Questions

No. Your packages(s) can be left in a safe place for the driver to easily see and access.

Yes. All labels provided by SendThat have a barcode which will allow a carrier to scan each item allowing for transit updates throughout the delivery.
All transit updates for live deliveries are available to the sender at and in a limited capacity for the receiver via SendThat’s receiver notifications email.

Yes. But only if you have entered their email address into the receiver’s delivery instructions. SendThat will generate an automated email which will direct the receiver onto their own Track and Trace page.
If you are sending a surprise gift and do not want the receiver to know, insert another email address (i.e. your work email) as the receiver so you can still track it!

Yes you can, however cancellation/change of details fee will apply. For cancellations or changes to your booking please contact us on